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"Night Vision" by David M. Roth.
Sactown Magazine April - May 2008 issue and SquareCylinder,
February 2009 .


"Side Show Revisited" by Brett Ascarelli.
Diablo Arts Magazine July - September 2007 issue.

"A Magical Spin on a Summer Night" by Garrison Keillor. Photographs by
Roger Vail
LIFE Magazine June 23, 2006 issue.


"Roger Vail - Platinum Prints", University Gallery, The University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee

Book Illustrations

Tom Hough, Ed., "Photography with Large-Format Cameras," Eastman Kodak Co., 1988. Illus: "Crystal Cathedral, 1980.

Jeff Wagnall, "Landscape Photography," Eastman Kodak Co., 1987. Illus: "Santa Cruz, 1981".
Catalogue Illustrations

---"S.F.M.M.A. Spring Auction 1983," San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1983, illus: "Petrochemical Tanks and Tower, 1980."

L. Price Amerson, "Sacramento Valley Landscapes," University of California, Davis, 1979, Davis, California, illus: "Spinning Carnival Ride, 1972 #1."

Roger D. Clisby, "Forty American Photographers," E. B. Crocker Art Gallery, 1978, Sacramento, California, illus: "Ship's Hull, Oakland, 1976."

Keith F. Davis, "Night Light: A Survey of 20th Century Night Photography", Hallmark Cards Inc., 1988

Bonnie Earls-Solari, "BankAmerica Corporation Art Program 1985," San Francisco, illus: "Petrochemical Tanks and Tower, 1980."

Susan Ehrens, "The Consolidated Freightways Inc. Collection", illus: "Descending Bridge Lights, Seattle, 1978", "Airplane Lights and Stars, 1980" "Petrochemical Tanks and Tower, 1980"

Articles & Reviews

---"Sequence," Camera Magazine, October 1972, Lucerne, Switzerland.
---Zyzzyva, Vol. 1, No. 4, Winter 1985, illus: "Carrara, 1983 #5."

Alan G. Artner, "Darkness marks Vail's photos," Chicago Tribune, February 6, 1981, illus: "Ship's Hull, Oakland, 1976."

Kenneth Baker, "The Flashy Fascination of Photography," San Francisco Chronicle, June 30, 1985, illus: "Santa Cruz, 1981."

Michael E. Bry, "Gallery Snooping," Modern Photography, November 1973.

Jan Garden Castro and Quincy Troupe, Ed. River Styx #14 "Masses," St. Louis, Missouri, 1984, illus: "Pillars, Venice Pier, 1975,"
"Spider Web, 1973," "Harbor Island, Seattle, 1978," "Pillar, Manhattan Beach Pier, 1975."

Jan Garden Castro and Quincy Troupe, Ed., River Styx #23, St. Louis, Missouri, 1987. Illus: "Exploratorium #3, 1983", "Exploratorium #2, 1983", "Uptown Chicago, 1982", "New York, 1982".

Victoria Dalkey, "Edifice Complexes," Sacramento Bee, October 20, 1985, illus: "Carrara, 1983 #8," "Jerpoint Abbey, Ireland, 1983."

Victoria Dalkey, "Tough Images in Captured Light," Sacramento Bee, August 11, 1985, illus: "Moving Ship, Sacramento, 1980."

Victoria Dalkey, “Prints conjure the magic of night and light”, Sacramento Bee, May 19, 1996, illus: “12-22-95", “Spinning Carnival Ride 1980 #1"

Victoria Dalkey, "Whirled view - Roger Vail's dizzying images follow paths of light in motion", Sacramento Bee, January 25, 2004, illus: "Evolution."

David Elliott, "Roger Vail Excels in Capturing Enchanted Visions," Chicago Sun-Times, February 1, 1981, Chicago, Illinois, illus: "Airplane Lights and Stars, Sacramento, 1980."

Regina Hackett, "Photos Use Light to Record Time," Seattle Post Intelligencer, April 19, 1983, illus: "Santa Cruz, 1981."

Carole Harmel, "Roger Vail," Afterimage, April 1981, Rochester, New York, illus: "Ship's Hull, Oakland, 1976," "Airplane Lights and Stars, Sacramento, 1980."

Faith Heller, "Photos Thrive on Darkness," Winston-Salem Journal, March 27, 1982, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Charles Johnson, "Figures Out of the Past," Sacramento Bee, January 27, 1974, Sacramento, California, illus: "Man Standing, Chicago, 1973."

Charles Johnson, "Frozen Moments of Reality," Sacramento Bee, November 10, 1972, Sacramento, California, illus: "Spinning Carnival Ride, 1971 #1," "Carnival Ticket Booth, 1972."

Robert F. McCullough, "Shows We've Seen," Popular Photography, November 1969.

Nikki Pahl, “Roger Vail - Beyond the Image”, View Camera Magazine, July/August 1996, illus: “Santa Cruz 1981" “Carrara #8 1983" “3-18-96" “Spinning Carnival Ride 1980 #1" “Santa Monica Pier 1983".

Paul Raedeke, "Roger Vail," ArtWeek, January 31, 1991

Steve Simmons, "Painting with Light," Sacramento Magazine, March 1985, illus: "Sacramento River, Moon, Poles, 1981."

Richard Simon, "A Fascination with Night and Light," Sacramento Union, June 11, 1982, Sacramento, California.

Quincy Troupe, ed., "Roger Vail, Photographs," The American Rag, Vol. 1, #2/3, 1980, New York, NY, illus: "Descending Bridge Lights, Seattle, 1980," (cover), "Spinning Carnival Ride, 1972 #1," "Spinning Carnival Ride, 1977 #2," "Spinning Carnival Ride, 1977 #3."

Tim White, "Calm Chaos", Sacramento News and Review, January 8, 2004, illus: "Yo Yo."

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