Pedal Power! Blog of almost daily workouts on the PPPM - Pedal Powered Prime Mover - to generate electricity for use in my home office. en-us Copyright 2007, The WEBworks David Butcher: Pedal Powered Prime Mover David Pedaling the PPPM Today, Wed Jan 28, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Just staying in shape and making a little power while doing it. I'll charge mu eGo electric moped, portable power station, iPhone and tablet, NiMH batteries, and I'll also power my laptop. I daydream about riding around Catalina Island on a mountain bike during the rides. Today, Tue Jan 27, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Great ride. The PPPM needs a new roller - maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile I pedaled hard and powered my laptop. I also charged my iPhone, tablet, movie camera, radio, NiMH batteries and other battery powered things. Today, Mon Jan 26, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Everything is getting charged - iPhone, tablet, mobile phones, movie camera, portable power station and of course the eGo Electric moped. I'm powering my laptop and reading about the huge storm in the Northeast. I'll bet some of those folks wish they had a PPPM! Today, Sun Jan 25, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh What a great ride! I charged the eGo after using it to buy a trailer of food for next week. My entire week of grocery shopping was just powered by a single ride! Today, Sat Jan 24, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Where did the say go? Whatever. Time to ride. Time to charge all my battery powered devices and power my laptop, while I surf the web to wind down. I'll also charge my eGo electric moped so I can go to the store tomorrow. Today, Fri Jan 23, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Nice ride after a brutal week. I charged all my devices - phones, cameras, tablets, radios, electric scooters, and I read the Google Mobile Playbook on my laptop - which I was also powering, of course! Today, Thu Jan 22, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Fast eveneing ride. I charged all my small battery powered devices PLUS my ego Electric moped and Portable Power Station. I also powered my laptop during the entire ride. The top 1% will own more than 50% of the world's wealth next year. The trend is accelerating too. Well, they don't own my electricity! Today, Wed Jan 21, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Nice smooth pedal after a long day of work. I charged my iPhone, tablet, radio, movie camera, portable power station, eGo electric moped, NiMH batteries, razor, and Sonicare. I also powered two Cree LED lights and my laptop - all at once! Today, Tue Jan 20, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Riding my tail off. Actually, riding off several pounds of holiday weight gain every week. Converting it into electricity! Powering all my devices! Now that's cool. Today, Mon Jan 19, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Strong ride after an intense workday. I powered two CREE light bulbs, my laptop, and charged my tablet, mobile devices and movie camera. More hard work planned tomorrow. Today, Sun Jan 18, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Nice relaxing ride. I love the feeling of generating power! I charged batteries for my clock and mouse, mobile phones, tablet, portable power station, eGo electric Moped, emergency radio, movie camera, and more. I also charged batteries for my LED headlight, which allows me to avoid turning lights on around the house. More power saved with pedaling! Today, Sat Jan 17, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh I powered my laptop and charged my NiMH batteris, eGo electric moped, portable power station, and all my mobile phones and other small electronic devices. The ride really cheered me up after a long, hard work week. Today, Thu Jan 15, 2015 I Generated 55.0 Wh Short ride, but I powered my laptop and studied for an intense business meeting tomorrow. I love the feeling of riding for power while I am getting other work done as well. Today, Tue Jan 13, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Lots of charging to do. I charged my portable power station, powered my laptop, topped off my eGo electric scooter, and also charged my mobile phones and tablets. Today, Mon Jan 12, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh I finished charging my eGo electric moped after towing a trailer full of groceries home with it. Work has me in a panic and the endorphins from generating power feel great. I charged my iPhone, razor, movie camera, radio, portable power station and powered my laptop in addition to charging the eGo. Today, Sun Jan 11, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh I drove the eGo electric moped to #freshandeasy for shopping, and filled up the trailer with a week of food. Now I'll pedal all that energy back into the batteries so it will be charged up for next time. Today, Sat Jan 10, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Late night pedal. I have a lots of power catching up to do. I spent several hours working with my two mobile phones trying to forward text messages from the very old one to the new one. Now I have to chage them up! Not difficult with the PPPM. Today, Fri Jan 09, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh In addition to charging my small electronic devices, including my tablet, iPhone, NiMH batteries and movie camera, I also powered my laptop for the entire ride and charged my parked Datsun Roadster. I also topped off my portable power station and eGo electric moped. A very powerful ride! Today, Thu Jan 08, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Riding strong at the beginning of the year. I charged my eGo electric moped, portable power station, mobile phone, tablet, radio, NiMH batteries, razor and Sonicare! Surplus power went into my battery bank, which was salvaged from an elecrtic car. Today, Wed Jan 07, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Hump day! Pedaling to generate electricity always cheers me up. Endorphins! I charged a drill battery, portable radio, tablet, mobile phone, portable power station, and my eGo electric moped. I also powered my laptop and lit the workout area - all powered by me. Today, Tue Jan 06, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Charging the eGo electric moped, all my portable electronic devices, and powering my laptop. The extra power goes into my large battery bank for later use! Today, Mon Jan 05, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh 10 Watt-hours running the air compressor to charge the storage tank - which is over 60 pounds and getting harder to pedal - and then 110 Watt-hours charging devices and powering my laptop! Today, Sun Jan 04, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Interesting ride - in 10 Watt-Hour sprints with garage cleanup in between. It kept me warm and powered my laptop for internet radio the entire time. It also powered the garage lights (Cree LEDs) to light the garage during the cleanup! Today, Sat Jan 03, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Today I pedaled an air compressor for the first 10 Watt Hours, partially filling a Harbour Freight 7 gallow Aluminum tank. I'll use it to run a staple gun to fasten loose shingles on my chimney. Then I pedaled the rest of the work out to charge all of my awesome Human-powered devices! Today, Fri Jan 02, 2015 I Generated 110.5 Wh Back into the groove, with a full 110 Watt Hours of Human Power! I charged everythingn, from my Lightscribe Smartpen to my eGo Electric moped. It felt great! Today, Wed Dec 31, 2014 I Generated 55.0 Wh Still ramping up after the holiday break. I charged the battery in my parked Datsun Roadster, my portable Power Station, my eGo electric moped, and all my small electronic devices. I managed to keep my pace above 110 Watts for the entire ride. Today, Tue Dec 30, 2014 I Generated 55.0 Wh A little better than yesterday. I kept up a 120 Watt pace for the first 40 Watt-hours. I was charging my elctric drill battery, along with all my other devices. Today, Mon Dec 29, 2014 I Generated 50.5 Wh Short ride after the holidays. I have some weight to lose! I pedaled fast but started late and had to stop for work. I'm going to have a full ride tomorrow! Today, Tue Dec 16, 2014 I Generated 110.5 Wh Nice fast ride on a very rainy evening. I don't fear blackouts when I can generate my own power! Today, Mon Dec 15, 2014 I Generated 110.5 Wh COLD rainy day. Of course, I am never cold while I am riding. I charged my eGo electric moped, portable power station, NiMH batteries, iPhone, tablet and mobile phone. I also powered my laptop while I used it to check local weather conditions. Today, Sun Dec 14, 2014 I Generated 110.5 Wh Happy Holidays! I'm charging my ego electric scooter, portable power station, Datsun Roadster battery, movie camera, NiMH batteriss, electric razor, Sonicare, and more. I'm also powering my laptop and checking on the price of oil, which is plummeting!