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This web site celebrates one of the most critically acclaimed rock bands to emanate from San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury music scene in the mid '60s - Moby Grape. Their music practically defined the West Coast rock sound and they are widely considered to be the best musicians of the '60s San Francisco area bands. If you've never heard of Moby Grape you've missed some outstanding music.

So come on in people, we're gonna tell you about good dreams
and things to make you happy...

New Bob Mosley CD


Skip Spence
1946 - 1999

"It's late 1966, and Moby Grape is the embodiment of the San Francisco music scene. Combining incisive, effortlessly commercial song writing with electrifying three-way guitar crosstalk, and a riveting, colorful and invigorating stage presence, the Grape made rock 'n' roll that remains as viable today as it was the day it was recorded."

The Moby Grape Story

A short biography by Simon Glickman
The perfect starting point for our new fans


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Get the 2 new CDs of Skippy's music and the new Bob Mosley CD

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